Four individuals are detained after police in Enugu State find guns.

Four individuals are detained after police in Enugu State find guns.
Over the past two weeks, Enugu State police have seized firearms and ammunition made locally from offenders.

They found ATM cards that had been stolen and used by thieves to trick bank customers whose real cards they had to have switched.

In relation to the recoveries, police officers also detained four individuals, according to DSP Daniel Ndukwe, the spokesperson, who made the announcement on Monday in Enugu.

Ndukwe said that on December 7, agents stopped a robbery attempt in the state capital. They apprehended a male suspect, 29, and took one handgun made in the area from him.

The spokeswoman also said that his companions left the area.

On November 26, authorities detained a male individual, also aged 26, in the state capital and seized a double-barrel handgun made in the area from him.

A similar occurrence was the arrest of a 22-year-old man who was carrying two live cartridges while police on normal "stop-and-search" duty on the Enugu-Onitsha Expressway.

"On December 6, a 26-year-old was taken into custody in the state capital by agents working with security personnel at a commercial bank for exchanging ATM cards belonging to bank clients.

He was found in possession of many ATM cards with various names on them. He acknowledged that he had been involved in the crime of ATM swapping for a while.

But his gang members got away," Ndukwe said.

He continued by saying that Mr. Kanayo Uzuegbu, the Commissioner of Police for Enugu State, had reiterated the police's commitment to upholding the highest standards of security, law, and order, particularly during the holiday season.

In order to help the police further purge the state of criminals, the commissioner exhorts the populace to uphold the law, exercise caution, and provide them with reliable information.

"You can obtain such information by contacting the closest police station, by emailing, or by phoning the police emergency hotlines: 08032003702, 08075380883, 08086671202, or 08098880172." Ndukwe added,

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