Government must provide the "dividends of democracy," according to IPAC.

Government must provide the "dividends of democracy," according to IPAC.The Inter Party Advisory Council (IPAC) has wished a happy Christmas to all Nigerians, especially Christians commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. It has also emphasized that all tiers of government must ensure that the people receive the benefits of democracy in order to alleviate suffering.

IPAC stressed the significance of modeling the virtues that Jesus personified: tolerance, love, peace, and togetherness.

Alhaji Yusuf Dabo Dantalle, the National Chairman-elect of IPAC, encouraged Nigerians to use this holiday season as a time for introspection and action in a Christmas greeting.

In view of the present security and economic issues, he urged everyone to unite in earnest prayer for the country. IPAC thinks that by working together, we can overcome hardship and create a more powerful and just Nigeria.

The message of IPAC aligns with the provisions of the Nigerian Constitution. Emphasizing Article 14(2)(b), which declares the protection and well-being of the populace to be the main goals of governance.

IPAC exhorts decision-makers at all levels to turn their beliefs into real, noticeable change. The Council emphasizes the necessity of taking action to provide real "dividends of democracy" in order to lessen the suffering of ordinary Nigerians.

IPAC, the governing body for all legally recognized political parties in Nigeria, promises to keep playing a crucial role in advancing and bolstering democracy in the country. In these trying times, the Council's steadfast dedication to a "strong, equitable, prosperous and just democratic nation" is a ray of light.

"IPAC hopes that this Christmas will be a season of merrymaking as well as a springboard for collective action," the speaker stated. The Council thinks that Nigeria may be led toward a better future for all of its residents by fostering a culture of unity and shared responsibility.

This Christmas, let's all uphold the ideals of love, peace, harmony, and tolerance as we collaborate to create a better Nigeria for everyone.


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