Group applauds FG for providing a 50% transportation fare subsidy.

Group applauds FG for providing a 50% transportation fare subsidy.Northern Christian Youth Professionals (NCYP) applauded the federal government for taking the initiative to subsidize 50% of commuters' transportation costs during the holiday season on 22 important routes throughout the nation.

Newsmen in Kaduna were given access to a statement signed by NCYP Chairman Mr. Isaac Abrak on Friday, which contained the compliment.

According to Abrak, the administration of President Tinubu has once again shown its dedication to the welfare of the average person.

"The NCYP recognizes and values the efforts made to improve the citizens' quality of life," he declared.

This endeavor serves as another proof that, while being a risky step, the NCYP believes that eliminating the fuel subsidy is beneficial for the Nigerian people.

"The NCYP, a Christian organization, is especially happy about the rebate because they understand how it will benefit Christians across the country."

The chairman went on to say that the subsidy will make it possible for Christians to travel and spend Christmas with their loved ones across the nation, promoting the sharing, love, and camaraderie that are hallmarks of the holiday season.

The NCYP invites Christians and the general public to fully participate in this compassionate program, which will run from Wednesday, December 21, 2023, until January 4, 2024.

"During this joyous time, we implore everyone to travel in peace and to cherish the time they spend with their loved ones.

"In addition, the NCYP makes a plea to the law enforcement agencies to guarantee a tranquil Christmas and New Year's celebration throughout the country," he stated.

Nonetheless, Abrak advised Christians to keep up their prayers for President Bola Tinubu's success in implementing the bold reforms being implemented in a number of areas, most notably the economy.

Additionally, he stated that the Nigerian Railway Corporation, God is Good, Chisco Transport, Young Shall Grow, God Bless Ezenata, and Area Motors are among the chosen transporters taking part in this project that the NCYP is encouraging.

"We beg them to see to it that passengers actually get the rewards of their endeavor.

"To ensure the success of the exercise, the NCYP is dedicated to monitoring it countrywide.

*Let's celebrate the spirit of Christmas with pleasure, unity, and appreciation as the holiday season draws near.

"May this initiative result in a peaceful and memorable holiday experience for all Nigerians," Abrak continued.


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