Hard narcotics placed in dolls and others stitched inside jeans and trousers are seized by the NDLEA.

Hard narcotics placed in dolls and others stitched inside jeans and trousers are seized by the NDLEA.Attempts by drug syndicates to export hard drugs stuffed in dolls, buttons, soaps, beverage tins, or sewed into the hems of jeans and trousers have been stopped by NDLEA.

According to NDLEA spokesman Mr. Femi Babafemi, the drugs comprised methamphetamine, tramadol, and other psychoactive substances that were to be shipped via courier services on Sunday in Abuja.

He said that the medicines were to be exported to Europe, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Asia via courier services located in Lagos.

"A consignment of Indian hemp wrapped in doll heads was on its way to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, while the drugs were disguised in the hems of new jeans pants bound for Cyprus.

Along with local soaps destined for the United Arab Emirates and beverage tins containing tramadol sachets, a shipment of methamphetamine hidden in buttons was on its way to Hong Kong.

At a courier service, a cargo of another illegal material headed for Florida, USA, was also intercepted.

According to Babafemi, "NDLEA officers arrested Daniel Ogi on Friday, Nov. 24, after tracking him to Ajao Estate in Lagos."

He continued by saying that on December 1st, Okechukwu Ogala, a 56-year-old drug lord who specializes in recruiting and abusing young Nigerians in order to export meth to Asian nations, was apprehended by NDLEA agents.

With 60 wraps of methamphetamine totaling 1.009 kg, Ogala was taken into custody at a hotel in the Okota neighborhood of Lagos.

On December 1, Babafemi reported that NDLEA agents also confiscated 393 kg of Indian hemp from a store in Akala, Mushin.

The NDLEA spokesperson went on to say that police on Victoria Island detained a suspect named Justin Enuonye, who deals in Canadian "Loud."

On the same day, 154 shipments totaling 92 kg of the material were delivered to the NDLEA in Lagos State.

Additionally, a group of NDLEA agents stopped a car in Lagos' Oyingbo neighborhood and took 108 kg of Indian hemp out of it.

"During an additional operation, agents also took 675 kg of Indian hemp from the shop of a wanted dealer, Wahab Olota, in the Adedoja neighborhood of Mushin, Lagos State," according to Babafemi.


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