Japa: The political class in Nigeria is about to suffer grave consequences - Forum

Japa: The political class in Nigeria is about to suffer grave consequences - ForumMr. Moses Siasia, the outgoing president of the Nigerian Young Professionals Forum (NYPF), has voiced concern that the high number of young people leaving Nigeria in quest of better opportunities overseas may eventually have an impact on the country's political elite.

Siasia bemoaned the fact that most young people who leave the country do so illegally. She made this statement on Friday in Abuja while formally handing over leadership of the NYPF to incoming President David Osadolor. Nigerians make up up to 75% of individuals who end up stranded in the Mediterranean Sea, according to him.

He mentioned that because there are "no proper sustainable economic plans for young people," cybercrime, or "yahoo Yahoo," has become nearly inevitable.

Siasia emphasized that youth are the majority of individuals responsible for promoting Nigeria's global image and increasing the GDP of the nation.

He mentioned that the NYPF had brought together over two million young people in 15 nations throughout its ten years of existence. He continued by saying that through the site, at least 2,963 young people have found work both domestically and overseas, and 886 have gained access to grants to launch successful enterprises.

Siasia stated that although the NYPF encourages young people who succeed outside to return home and invest, one of the NYPF's signature initiatives, the yearly Niger Delta MSME Summit, is specifically designed to provide chances for young people to develop their sense of independence.

For their support of the NYPF, he expressed gratitude to former president Goodluck Jonathan, Senate President Godswill Akpabio, Dr. Ifie Sekibo, the former managing director of Heritage Bank, Alex Otti, the governor of Abia State, and numerous others.

The recently appointed NYPF President briefly spoke, stating that Nigeria cannot flourish as a developing country without its thriving small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), a sector he called vital to the country's survival.

He declared that he is joining the team to advance the sustainability objectives of NYPF and to strengthen the "three i's Innovation, Industry, and Infrastructure."

When discussing the potential of young Nigerians, Osadolor cited the achievements of Victor Osimhen and Assisat Oshoala at the most recent CAF Awards, where Nigeria made enormous progress.

Being seated here and accepting this transfer from outgoing President Moses Siasia is a unique honor. For the past ten years, I've been a regular participant in the forum, and Siasia has inspired me.Serving others has always been my life's work, and I see this as a chance to do so," he remarked.

Additional members of the recently formed NYPF leadership include Vice Presidents North and South Zahila Lawal and Victor Sameria, Advisor Gerald So-George, and Legal Aid Mayor Ndukaku.


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