KAFART looks for collaborations to advance Northern arts and expand tourism


KAFART looks for collaborations to advance Northern arts and expand tourism
To promote Northern arts and culture, Kaduna Fashion and Art Exhibition (KAFART) has said that it is open to working with public, private, and governmental organizations.

It also provided a plan for assisting the government in turning a profit from the travel industry and reducing the amount of money lost to insecurity.

The artistic director of KAFART, Ganiyat Sani, emphasized the organization's critical role in safeguarding Northern arts and culture during its 5th Arts Edition, themed "Into The Art of Making."

Sani emphasized the urgent need to revitalize artistic legacies, particularly in the north, and pointed out that insecurity and the difficulties the government faces in generating revenue from the art and tourism industries are to blame for the fall in cultural preservation.

"KAFART has developed as a steward of Northern culture," the speaker stated. We are in our fifth year of sincerely seeking collaborations to advance Northern arts with Federal, State, and other stakeholders. Our goal is to not just honor Northern culture but also to give the region's rich history a worldwide stage,” Sani stated.

"KAFART has partnered with Greysoft Technologies, introducing Virtual Reality technology that grants tourists immersive experiences exploring artifacts in Northern museums and historical heritage centers," Sani said, highlighting their creative commitment to preserve Northern culture.

The CEO of Greysoft Technologies, Isah Refael, also emphasized the substantial effect that insecurity has on tourism earnings and the potential N20 billion boost that could be achieved in three years through the VR integration into the tourism sector through the KAFART and Greysoft relationship. He emphasized how important it is for national museums and cultural institutions to accept virtual reality's ability to cut through physical obstacles, particularly in areas plagued by insecurity.

Refael called for teamwork to develop digital recreations of historically notable locations, such as Arewa House in Kaduna, in order to protect Nigeria's cultural legacy for future generations as well as increase tourism earnings.

Speaking at the event as a panelist, Abdullah Maigaskiya emphasized the critical role Northern artists play in communicating social realities in the face of threats like terrorism and banditry. In order to address the issues facing the area, he encouraged artists to collaborate with powerful people in their works.

Maigaskiya emphasized the importance of purposeful artistic productions to transform narratives, drawing from personal experiences that depict Nigeria's good features and commercial value during overseas travels. She also highlighted the potency of art as a vehicle for social advocacy.

In the meantime, a wide range of well-known figures and visitors from over the nation and West Africa were drawn to the show. It included a wide variety of events, such as panel discussions, fashion shows, film screenings, workshops, masterclasses, and exhibitions featuring the creations of up-and-coming and well-established local and international artists and designers.

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