Kano governorship trial: Kwankwaso claims the NNPP is responsible for the violent protests in Kano.

Kano governorship trial: Kwankwaso claims the NNPP is responsible for the violent protests in Kano.
APC icon Musa Illiyasu Kwankwaso speaking to media during the NNPP demonstration in Kano

In opposition to the ruling of the Appeal Court that dismissed Governor Abba Kabiru Yusuf, the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) charged on Thursday that the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) was responsible for inciting the violent protests and mass occupation of key Kano streets.

The All Progressives Congress's (APC) Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna was declared the legitimate victor of the Kano gubernatorial election on March 18, 2023, by the judiciary.

Despite the security order that forbade any kind of political gathering in the state, a series of violent protests by groups thought to be NNPP members are provoking the relative calm in the old city of Kano.

Musa Illiyasu Kwankwaso, the former commissioner for rural development in Kano, reacted by telling reporters at a media briefing on Thursday that the demonstration was against the peace agreement that the political parties had previously signed.

Former governor and APC Ag. National Chairman Dr. Abdullahai Umar Ganduje's staunch ally Kwankwaso charged the NNPP of squandering the scant state resources in order to chase shadows.

He issued a challenge to the NNPP, telling them to wait patiently for the Supreme Court's ruling instead of taking their local political issue, which is based on Nigerian laws, to the US, the EU, the ECOWAS, and other places.

He accused the Kwankwasiyya Movement and the NNPP of engaging in widespread propaganda that insulted the judiciary and attempted to incite political violence in Kano. By providing funds for isolated protests and rallies across the city, they have disseminated unfounded rumors that Kano State is experiencing severe unrest.

This goes against the newly signed Peace Accord at the Police Command, which forbids these kinds of public gatherings. I want to be very clear that there is no tension in the state, as seen by the calm and quiet that permeates Kano and the people going about their everyday lives. The protests that are sponsored are what paint an inaccurate picture of the state's problems.

"In the interim, the NNPP is squandering Kano's limited resources chasing shadows by pursuing national political concerns that are based in Nigerian laws to the US, EU, ECOWAS, and other regions rather than waiting for the ruling of the country's Supreme Court.

The worst aspect of this is that the NNPP isn't letting the swarming people rest again; after forcibly dismantling their property worth billions of Naira, they are now funding young people who are innocent and causing unrest and anxiety in the state.

Sponsored protests won't persuade the Kano people to change their ways because they think power belongs to Allah, who bestows it on whomever He pleases and takes it away from whomever He pleases.

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