Protesters begged Ajaka not to burn down Kogi State due to "defeat bitterness."

Protesters begged Ajaka not to burn down Kogi State due to "defeat bitterness."
Kogi women and youths demonstrated on Friday against SDP candidate Ajaka.

Numerous young people and women in Kogi on Friday urged Muritala Ajaka, the candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) for governor, and his followers to concede his loss in the poll scheduled for November 11 and desist from instigating violence in the region.

The nonviolent demonstrators walked through Lokoja's streets, pleading with Ajaka and his backers not to set fire to the state because they believed the candidate was incapable of accepting what they saw as his resounding defeat.

The demonstrator further said that all citizens of the state are entitled to it, regardless of their political party, and they voiced concern about Ajaka's purported inability to accept the election's results, which they called a "overwhelming defeat."

They urged him and his allies to refrain from taking any steps that might endanger the state's stability and peace, stressing that nothing should be permitted to undermine the tranquility that the people had enjoyed for more than seven years under Governor Yahaya Bello's leadership.

One of the demonstrators, Dele, encouraged security agencies to protect residents and denounced the SDP's charges and threats against the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Muritala Ajaka and these few SDP backers shouldn't unnecessarily heat up the political scene. We seriously object to these acts of wishing to set the state on fire. Elections have taken place, and a winner has been declared. Follow the proper channels if you're angry," the demonstrator advised.

Speaking on behalf of the young women, another protestor, Ireti Olukomogbon, expressed amazement that the SDP candidate was attempting to turn the public against INEC due to his persistent and baseless accusations against the electoral umpire.

"Kogi people have voted to demonstrate unequivocally that they support the Kogi Agenda. Follow the correct legal procedure if you feel wronged. Regarding the demographics of women and youth, we would help Alhaji Usman Ododo achieve success," she declared.

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