The commission to develop the naval base in Ogun is headed by Abiodun.

The commission to develop the naval base in Ogun is headed by Abiodun.A committee to evaluate the possibility of establishing a naval base in Ogun State has been established by Governor Prince Dapo Abiodun.

Speaking as he welcomed the naval team from the Naval Headquarters to his Okemosan office in Abeokuta, Governor Abiodun expressed his satisfaction with the zeal with which the Chief of Naval Staff had assembled the team, stating that the creation of a naval base will contribute to the state's increased security.

"I presented a vision of the Ogun State Multi-modal Transportation Master Plan, which consists of road, rail, and water transportation, in a meeting with the new Flag Officer Commanding, Western Naval Command, a few weeks ago," Abiodun stated.

"With the exception of water transportation, we have adopted rail and road transportation. It is crucial that we have a viable presence of the Nigerian Navy outside of the Navy school that has been here for many years before we implement the water transportation of our Multi-modal Transportation Master Plan.

"I want to reassure you that both parties will gain from this. We will bolster this Committee with capable state residents who will bring value to the group.

He said that the seaport, which has been conceptualized for a while, would also eventually come to pass. He claimed that the state had long yearned for a dry port and airport before his administration was able to construct the latter.

The Gateway Agro-Cargo International Airport has not yet opened for business, but the governor stated that a number of organizations and corporate entities have expressed interest in taking over and managing the airport.

"We have succeeded in building one of Nigeria's best airports," he declared. Many well-known business entities have expressed interest in taking over and running it in accordance with international best practices, even though activities have not yet begun.

"We will approach the seaport, which will be Nigeria's largest seaport, with the same fervor we applied to the airport, necessitating a significant naval presence."

Reiterating that he had discussed his intention to be feasible on Togeji Island with the President of the Benin Republic, Abiodun gave the assurance that the Beninoise have been working together on matters that would benefit both countries' development.

The state would welcome the posting of the Navy's OP. WASE component to bolster security in the state, the governor said, noting that the Navy had cooperated and worked with other security agencies to maintain peace in the area.

Rear Admiral Mustapha Hassan, the Flag Officer Commanding of the Western Naval Command, stated earlier in his speech that there is a little increase in crime in the state and that security in the area needs to be strengthened.

He stated that the purpose of the visit was to follow up on their conversation about establishing a naval base in the state with the governor.

Rear Admiral M. Oamen, the committee's head, expressed gratitude to the state government for the assistance the Navy has received over the previous 25 years and emphasized the commitment of the Chief of Naval Staff and committee members to the project's success.


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