The homeowner anticipates a surge of physically and intellectually challenged children on the streets of Kwara.

The homeowner anticipates a surge of physically and intellectually challenged children on the streets of Kwara.
The owner of a rehabilitation center in Ilorin, Kwara State, Rev. Samuel Abiodun Ajayi, has issued a warning: major streets may soon be overrun with children with disabilities unless governments at all levels and civic-minded individuals genuinely support charity homes in light of the current economic realities.

Speaking to reporters, the owner of "To omo re" also demanded tax breaks from the state government and unwavering support in the form of hand signals.

The minister of education praised the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) of the federal government for providing the center with several million naira in support to get it in working order.

He claims that the center opened in 2008 in a rented apartment with four students, but that in order to house the more than 80 children who attend, they now require land.

He bemoaned the N10,000 per session expense of the one-on-one lectures offered online from Lagos, and enumerated the difficulties the school has, including land for expansion, skilled and experienced teachers, particularly for children with autism, speech and physiotherapy.

In addition to the previously described issues, the school also had to deal with feeding and training supplies.

"The divine assignment we decided to take up may soon suffer unless the government and private sectors decide to help us," he stated. "For example, consider feeding these students four times a day, which you will agree is not too easy with the nation's present economic realities." Remember that a large number of these kids are nonverbal and unable to communicate their needs," the center continued, noting that it was unable to afford gas, so it continues to cook with charcoal and logs.

"The training materials are very expensive and sometimes out of reach, especially for those with speech problems."

Regarding the need for land, Ajayi informed reporters that fifty students commute from their homes to the center and pleaded for cars to provide for their mobility.

He praised his staff, referring to them as fellow laborers in God's vineyard, for periodically washing the adult students with their bare hands when they urinate on their bodies.

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