To promote economic growth in West Africa, Tinubu and Talon meet.

To promote economic growth in West Africa, Tinubu and Talon meet.To promote economic development among West African nations, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu met with President Patrice Talon of the Benin Republic on Wednesday.

In a statement released by his spokeswoman, Ajuri Ngelale, Tinubu stated that collaboration is essential to the region's economic growth in West Africa.

He added that mutual progress has been hampered by Nigeria and the Republic of Benin's lack of cooperation.

In addition, Tinubu stated that there are many similarities between the Republic of Benin and Nigeria, comparing the two nations to conjoined twins linked at the hip.

"We are a single unit. Our country is not to be concerned about anything. It is a lack of harmony that is impacting us. He claimed that "we have not achieved the essential economic synergy that will advance our two countries."

"We need to share goals and guiding concepts in economics. I applaud the economic program you are creating through interministerial cooperation.

"In order to promote prosperity in both of our significant nations, we will back all of our private sector interests. We welcome your approach and recognize its urgency.

"Urgent action can sometimes be used to characterize leadership. I appreciate your excellent leadership. Together, we are. I don't look backward in life. I'm excited. I avoid missing stages in this way.

Prior to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Summit, President Talon visited the State House to ask Tinubu for cooperation in enhancing commercial relations. He highlighted the importance of the connection between his nation and Nigeria.

Talon claims that the Benin Republic is working to improve trade relations with Nigeria by highlighting the unrestricted flow of people and goods between the two nations.

"Enhanced integration between Nigeria and the Benin Republic is part of the national development plan that Benin has started implementing," Talon stated.

"Part of our development plan is determining the necessary investments in Benin to improve our trade integration with Nigeria.

While a lot of agreements have been reached to advance our integration, they haven't been put into practice.

"We need to act quickly to make this a reality because at the African level, the AfCFTA envisions free mobility and integration, which is something we support at the ECOWAS level as well.

"We need to update our investment plan to take into account every aspect of the Nigerian economy. Our aim is to establish a technical committee of many ministries that will collaborate to create a paper for our legislators.

Talon declared that he is prepared to issue an executive order designating council members in order to promote cross-sectoral cooperation that will benefit all parties.

Additionally, he noted that although there have been bilateral challenges with the issue of smuggling, his administration will make every effort to coordinate and guarantee that Nigeria's interests are safeguarded as both nations integrate their economies.

During the meeting in the State House in Abuja, President Talon stated, "I want us to make history together."


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