Truck drivers who damage restriction barriers will face legal action in Lagos.

Truck drivers who damage restriction barriers will face legal action in Lagos.On Saturday, the Lagos State Government announced that it would begin penalizing truck drivers who damage restriction barriers.

The government announced that it will take this action in response to multiple alerts telling truck drivers to be aware of the truck barriers—height limit barriers for articulated vehicles—that are situated at the Stadium, Ojuelegba, and Dorman Long Bridges.

The barriers that were put up to prevent the frequent articulated vehicle accidents that have claimed lives and property in the state, according to a statement from Lagos Commissioner for Transportation Oluwaseun Osiyemi, were frequently wantonly and shamefully destroyed by some truck drivers as soon as they were installed.

Osiyemi continued, saying that prosecution is the only option left to the government in this situation.

He declared, "The Lagos State Government has decided to start prosecuting the drivers found guilty."

Osiyemi went on to say that because the truck drivers' disruptive behavior endangers the public's safety as well as that of other drivers on the road, the state will no longer allow it.

The commissioner issued a warning, stating that deliberate damage to public property is illegal and that violators will face legal consequences from the Lagos State Government.

Thus, Osiyemi called on the public to acknowledge the significance of these safety precautions and to report any questionable activity to the Ministry of Transportation at 09038208154 or 09034810153.

According to the commissioner, Lagosians' participation upholds the security and integrity of public infrastructure.


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