Rivers kids warn Fubara not to trust people who have good weather.

Rivers kids warn Fubara not to trust people who have good weather.Rivers State Governor Siminalaye Fubara has been advised to be cautious of the antics of ill-tempered friends who are determined to exploit the disagreement between him and his predecessor, Nyesom Wike.

The admonition's sponsor, the Rivers Youths Alliance, emphasized how thoughtfully President Bola Tinubu mediated the Abuja peace since it demonstrated both his political acumen and his practical expertise in a range of leadership roles.

Calling on Governor Fubara to contemplate deep reflection and going back to his political roots by realizing that genuine leadership necessitates humility and loyalty to those who genuinely care about his success, not flimsy alliances from friends who might be looking for ways to either take advantage of or undermine him before a future challenge.

In a statement released by Mr. Tamuno Amadi-Douglas on behalf of the group, it was stated that the governor's political future would be shortened rather than allowed to continue by the numerous people and organizations who perceive personal gains from any political conflict between Fubara and Wike.

They stated: "The state has been thrust into the national and international spotlight for all the wrong reasons due to the recent political unrest in Rivers State. The drama that has been playing out has resulted in the emergence of two powerful opposing factions, further intensifying tensions within the state's political arena.

"Amidst this turmoil, a number of armchair critics and self-described experts have surfaced, offering opinions and analyses frequently devoid of solid proof or a sincere interest in Rivers State; some outsiders exploit the situation for their own financial gain, while some residents of the state join the fight for financial gain, adding to the already tense atmosphere with misinformed remarks and unfounded accusations.

Fubara, who has been Wike's longtime confidant since 1999, has noticed a sudden decline in their relationship and increased suspicion, raising questions about what went wrong and why this mentorship ended. Unfortunately, rather than putting out the fire, respected elders and leaders have added to the chaos by shifting positions and spinning disparaging narratives, further confusing the public and exacerbating the already dire situation.

Moreover, Governor Fubara's recent actions, which include anti-democratic practices and provocative decisions, run the risk of escalating political instability. Recent political maneuvers and alliances, particularly Fubara's association with former adversaries, signal betrayal and ingratitude, casting doubt on the sincerity of his newfound circle of supporters.

The Federal Government may eventually declare a state of emergency in Rivers due to Fubara's confrontational stance, which includes closing the Assembly Chambers and using dubious legislative procedures. However, many observers find it puzzling that Fubara has changed his allegiance and is acting against the 8-point "Resolution" that Bola Ahmed Tinubu mediated, even though Tinubu had previously called for Tinubu's intervention.

"To avoid a political downfall, Fubara must abide by the letter and spirit of the Abuja agreement brokered by Tinubu, prioritizing peace and reconciliation in Rivers State because his newfound advisers, while seemingly supportive, may have ulterior motives that don't align with Fubara's long-term interests. This abrupt change of heart may lead Fubara into political isolation and irrelevance, which may benefit some of those urging him on now.

"In actuality, Wike continues to be the key player who is genuinely invested in Fubara's political development and success. Fubara ought to accept Tinubu's contribution to changing his political environment and pursue a sincere reconciliation with Wike by putting aside the false advice of people whose interests conflict with his own.


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