Food Insecurity An Opinion.

Food Insecurity An Opinion
Scare mongering, there is no food insecurity but the lack of capital to buy, infact there is no hoarding of food but inflation which has been almost 100% for goods and transport has gone up 400%, with the FG propaganda. 

How do you remove subsidy sine May 29 2023 and the earnings of citizens have not increased with dollar valued against naira almost thrice. Imagine any goods worth ₦10m as at May 29 2023 as at now February 2024 is worth the value of ₦4m if it were to sell at the rate of May of.last year hence the inflation on the product no so called hoarding and abnormal pricing that is making them lock up ware houses and super stores.

Despite the insecurities Nigerians still farm very well, I drive round the country well and I know what am saying, there is food but the haulage cost is to the extreme.

The government should rather establish commodity stores at least 2 in all the 774 LGAs and supply foodstuff at 50% discount while also opening palliative offices in all the 774 LGA councils where all vulnerable persons verified can be given palliative.

We should not allow this propaganda and cut and nail approach of the FG and this fifth columnist fear mongers further distabilise our communities.

Since Mr. President can arbitrarily remove the fuel subsidy and allow CBN to float the Naira vs Dollar, as an emergency need his Excellency should just increase the minimum wage by say 200% arbitrarily, then the committee can start the review upwards or downwards.

Or return fuel subsidy to the status quo of May 29 and also enforce price control to May 29 of 2023.

Finally, that he would also go the General Abacha way by also reversing and fixing the Naira Dollar rate to what was obtainable as at when he took over government in order that the second option is achievable.

Adaviruku Otarunuji

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