Renowned comic actor Mr Ibu has passed away.

Renowned comic actor Mr Ibu has passed away.
John Okafor, better known as Mr. Ibu, has died after a long fight with blood clots in his leg. The actor died March 2 in a hospital in Lagos state. 

A family member said that the star has been on life support since he recently had a second surgery for his illness. He had surgery and his blood pressure was over 200. A family member said that attempts were being made to get it under control before he died this evening.

The actor had trouble with his health for years, including blood clots on his leg all the time because of damaged blood vessels. In October 2023, he went public with his illness and asked for money to pay for treatment. His doctors didn't think he was healthy enough to fly, so the plan to send him to another country for more medical care fell through.

In November 2023, his leg was cut off as part of his treatment.

The actor's wife and children will miss him. He had been alive for 62 years.

 The veteran actor was well-known for how well he played comedic parts in movies.

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