Appeal Court maintains Amuwo Odofin Adegeye election held by LP.

Appeal Court maintains Amuwo Odofin Adegeye election held by LP.
George Olawande Adegeye was elected to represent the Amuwo-Odofin Constituency in the House of Representatives, and his election was validated by the Court of Appeal on Friday in Lagos.

This confirmation comes after petitions contesting his election victory on February 25 were denied.

The petitioners are the candidates running for the positions held by the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), and the Zenith Labour Party (ZLP).

Their main points of argument was Adegeye's previous membership in the Labour Party (LP) prior to the election and the party's endorsement of him.

But the panel of the Court of Appeal, which included Justices M.L. Shuaib, J.E. Ekanem, and P.A. Bassi, unanimously decided that the appellants had no right to select a political party's candidate for an election or to decide who was a member of the party.

The Justices dismissed the appeals but agreed with Adegeye and LP's counsel regarding an earlier objection that the case was a pre-election matter. They held that the National Assembly Petition Tribunal did not have the authority to hear the case at first and thus struck them out.

Adegeye's attorney, Muyiwa Ogunkolade, has previously contested the lower tribunal's authority to hear and rule on the petitions.

He maintained that the LP's candidacy and sponsorship of Adegeye were internal party business, and that outside parties—dubbed meddlesome interlopers—had no right to contest them.

Moreover, Ogunkolade maintained that the concerns expressed in the several petitions dealt with pre-election topics and were not within the Election Tribunal's purview.

In response to the ruling, Ogunkolade said that the appellants' dead issue of pre-election affairs had been settled by the well-done ruling. He applauded the Justices' bravery for upholding the Constitution in the face of threats and attempts to persuade the court. Hon. Justice Shuaib had already bemoaned attempts by certain influential persons to sway the court's decision during the appeals process.

According to Ogunkolade, the litigation that began at the tribunal and ultimately reached the Court of Appeal was clearly unnecessary because Adegeye's victory over Prince Lanre Sanusi of the APC, who received 12,946 valid votes, was too significant to justify this judicial misbehavior. Adegeye received 46,702 of the valid votes cast.

In order to divert Hon. Adegeye's attention and, more importantly, force him to spend money that would have benefitted the decent people of the Amuwo Odofin Federal Constituency, the appellants purposefully carried out their evilly planned action. He has been giving the people significant assistance and exercising his legislative authority wisely in spite of all of their anti-people measures.

In his remarks, the legislator firstly dedicated the ruling to the wonderful people of the Amuwo Odofin Federal Constituency, Labour Party executives, and members, as well as his cherished mother, Hon. (Mrs.) Risikat Ajoke Adegeye, of blessed memory.

For the benefit of their offspring and future generations, parents should leave behind a lasting legacy. During this election, I have delighted in the legacies left by my dear mother.My determination to fulfill my campaign promises has been further fortified by the Court of Appeal's triumphant ruling. The Federal Parliament will have excellent representation for the people.

"I extend an olive branch to the appellants and encourage them to work with me to elevate the Amuwo Odofin Federal Constituency to new heights, as I am generous in my triumph. The time for this governance business has come; the litigation is over.

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