Bungudu's Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship

Bungudu's Institute of Technology and EntrepreneurshipA bill to build the Federal Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship in Bungudu, Zamfara state, is being considered by the House of Representatives.

Members of the lower legislative chamber have been shown the bill that Hon. Abdulmalik Zubairu Bungudu, who represents the Bungudu/Maru Federal Constituency in Zamfara State, began and is now fine-tuning.

The Federal Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship will be established in Bungudu, Zamfara State, thanks to the proposed legislation, which aims to amend the Federal Polytechnic (Establishment) Act. The main objective of the institute will be to provide comprehensive education in the sciences, skills, arts, and technical knowledge.

Hon. Abdulmalik Zubairu Bungudu underlined the significance of providing Nigerian youngsters with the essential knowledge and skills in technology and entrepreneurship during the bill's presentation.

He pointed out that the government cannot employ every young person in the nation on its own; instead, it is essential to give them the tools they need to create jobs and promote economic growth.

Bungudu brought attention to the dire state of affairs in Zamfara State, where banditry and instability have had a particularly negative effect on farming, which is the main source of income for the majority of people.

He made the point that these difficulties cause more than 80% of the state's farms to remain uncultivated, making it difficult for many people to meet their most basic requirements.

"If the institute were to be founded, it would equip people with the abilities required for technological advancements and entrepreneurial endeavors. Consequently, he said, this will create opportunities for both domestic and foreign enterprises, promoting economic diversification and tackling the urgent need to create jobs and lower the nation's unemployment rate.

Thus, in light of the initiative's potential to generate jobs and thereby reduce unemployment and its effects on his constituents in Zamfara State, Bungudu sought the backing of his colleagues.


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