Customs officials protest against the promotion plan's stop.

Customs officials protest against the promotion plan's stop.
Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) officers have protested against attempts to stop the organization's recently authorized Competency Based Accelerated Career Progression Plan (CBACPP) from being implemented.

The concerned officers find it troubling that certain people were opposing the CBACPP's implementation despite the Federal Government's approval of it, claiming that it would have a negative effect on a particular region of the nation.

The CBACPP for service officers was recently approved by the government through the NCS board, with an explanation that the plan is a "proactive strategy" meant to guarantee that customs has enough people in the future.

In particular, the NCS declared that its goal was to bridge the generational divide that, if left unchecked, may result in a leadership void in the service's upper echelons.

It was discovered, meanwhile, that many who are against the program are doing so out of fear that many of them, who lack the necessary educational credentials, will be left out when the new system goes live.

It was discovered that the issue the NCS was trying to resolve originated from the lengthy amount of time between the 2009 recruiting and the start of the customs service hiring freeze.

This suggests that, due to length of service, all officers who enlisted before the 2009 recruitment would have retired by 2028.

As a result, there would be some leadership gaps, something the government attempted to prevent because none of the officers hired in 2009 would have attained the level of comptroller.

According to a source, the service's recent past leadership saw the impending issue and created a career-accelerated program to enable officers who met specific educational and professional requirements to advance in their careers more quickly.

Although the previous leadership of the service took a while to implement the approved scheme, it was widely acknowledged that the Muhammadu Buhari government had given its approval for the career-accelerated program.

Nonetheless, there were hints that the authorized career-accelerated program would undervalue senior officers from a certain region of the nation.

According to a source, "this is because many of the officers from that region don't have the necessary additional educational and professional qualifications."

Supporters of the new policy claim that failing to implement the program or hiding it will jeopardize the service's continued existence.

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