Commemorating its 55th year, CIPM counsels federal personnel to put money aside for the future.

Commemorating its 55th year, CIPM counsels federal personnel to put money aside for the future.
The Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) celebrated its 55th anniversary in style, and they took the opportunity to encourage government employees to save money for the future and think beyond their employment.

It stated that federal personnel must make certain commercial investments in order to get retirement benefits.

At the Institute's 55th anniversary and 55th International Conference and Exhibition, with the topic of Sustainable HR Business and National Development, in Abuja, seasoned leader Chizoba Mojekwu revealed this.

"So, the conventional view of retirement is that you stopped working at a certain age," the speaker stated. After working for a set amount of years or until a given age, you quit your job and start living a leisurely life.

Thus, you discover that having a flexible retirement plan and being financially independent are essential for when we finally retire. Thus, we now have more options at our disposal, such as choosing to pursue a second career or postponing retirement.

"Therefore, if you are two or five years away from retirement, please extend your retirement plan by an additional ten years. in order for you to accomplish the necessary financial strategies. Because you just have something to retire to when you're done working.

Olusegun Mojeed, the President and Chairman of the Council at CIPM, stated in his speech that human resources (HR) are in charge of forming progressive organizations and a progressive nation.

He stated that the conference's ultimate purpose is company and national development, and that it aims to offer cutting edge solutions to help leaders and people managers deal with the changing circumstances and create sustainable HR practices.

He declared: "Practicing sustainable people is a powerful stimulant for the development of national, cultural, and infrastructure, among other things. The availability of talent will be crucial in establishing and forming the environments in which countries and organizations function.

Additionally, Adebayo Akinloye, Director of Talent and Succession Management Solutions, stated: "Since talent engagement is a component of human resources functions, it is imperative to hire, develop, and engage the right people."

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