Rapper Snoop Dogg declares he has given up smoking marijuana.

Rapper Snoop Dogg declares he has given up smoking marijuana.
The renowned American rapper Snoop Dogg has declared that he has given up marijuana use.

On Thursday, November 16, the well-known marijuana user revealed the news in an online message. 

The rapper declared in his post, "I'm giving up smoke," adding a statement that said, "After much contemplation with my family, I've chosen to give up smoke." 

Before concluding the post, the 52-year-old wrote, "Please respect my privacy at this time."

Fans of the seasoned rapper, who is well-known for enjoying marijuana, are taken aback by it. 

The rapper later denied claims that he had someone roll between 75 and 150 joints for him every day.

The previous year, Renegade Piranha—who had declared himself to be Snoop's "personal blunt roller" (PBR)—stated: "I do roughly half a pound a day on average, which seems ridiculous." That works out to be between 75 and 150 units a day. I figure it's more than 450,000 blunts.

But in March of this year, he acknowledged that after becoming a grandfather, he had cut back on his marijuana use. 

Speaking to DailyMail.com in March, Snoop claimed that when his oldest child Cordé became a father to son Zion in 2015, his personal use was investigated. 

"Having a grandchild has altered me in a number of ways," he remarked.

The key method is that I want to watch my grandchildren grow up, therefore I'm concerned about how I live, how I exercise, and who I hang out with.

The only way I can accomplish that is by exercising caution in all aspects of my life, including my movements, my company, where I go out, and what I eat.

"Am I fulfilling my obligations or am I engaging in extracurricular activities?"

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