Gov. Bello greets Army chiefs and predicts an overwhelming victory for the APC due to the government's accomplishments.

Gov. Bello greets Army chiefs and predicts an overwhelming victory for the APC due to the government's accomplishments.
guarantees a free, fair, and peaceful Kogi election

Head of Defense Employees reassure inhabitants of sufficient security

Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello has reassured supporters once more that the All Progressives Congress will win the governorship race in November by a significant margin thanks to the Party's extraordinary accomplishments under his leadership.

At the same time, he reaffirmed the state government's dedication to working with the armed forces to guarantee a peaceful election and fair competition for all candidates.

On Thursday, while visiting Kogi State Governor Gen. Christopher Mustapha as part of a collaborative visit, Governor Bello made the guarantees in Lokoja on a peaceful election in the state.

The governor, who was accompanied by Chief Edward Onoja, his deputy, emphasized that he would follow President Bola Ahmed Tinubu's instructions to ensure a peaceful election and mentioned that since taking office, his administration has placed a high premium on security.

"Having performed admirably in every area of the State's economy, especially security, we have high hopes that it will inspire our people to participate in their civic duty in large numbers.

"We can be extremely confident that we will prevail handily because of our remarkable accomplishments, which are clearly obvious. In order to guarantee a peaceful election, level the playing field for all candidates, and encourage a large turnout of voters, we will work with the armed forces.

The Kogi people live in harmony. Since the start of our administration, protecting people's lives and property has been our top concern. We wish to reassure President Bola Ahmed Tinubu of peace and stability prior to, during, and following the gubernatorial election.

The Governor said, "We also want to applaud the CDS for the measures he has put in place for a peaceful election in the State."

He gave President Tinubu and the Chief of Defence Staff credit for the notable decline in crime that has occurred in the North West and South East since the start of the current government.

Gen. Christopher Mustapha, the Chief of Defense Staff, promised during his speech that the Armed Forces will do every effort to guarantee a credible, peaceful, and violence-free election in Kogi State.

He explained that the state's strategic importance to the nation was the reason the President was so adamant about a peaceful election there and that there would be ample security to allow citizens to carry out their civic duties.

"The State's citizens have the support of the Armed Forces." I implore everyone to vote in large numbers. In order for citizens to enjoy democracy, the Armed Forces are concerned about making sure that elections are fair and free. As a result, I want to urge all eligible voters to cast their ballots," he declared.

The Chief of Defence Staff urged the public to report any instances of misconduct to the military, but he also issued a warning, saying that those in the armed forces who behave in an unprofessional manner will face consequences.

Earlier, in his welcoming speech, State Security Advisor Commander Jerry Omodara (retd) stated that under Governor Yahaya Bello's leadership, security and safety issues have remained top priorities.

"The state and security services have had a positive working relationship. We have to give them credit for their efforts. He declared, "We will keep providing them with the assistance they require to better serve the people and the State.

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