Heads of MDAs are targeted by NASS for training on statutory compliance and resolving violations.

Heads of MDAs are targeted by NASS for training on statutory compliance and resolving violations.
The National Assembly declared its intention to provide leadership of the government's Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) with training on the necessity of adhering to the law.

In an effort to improve democracy and good governance, the training also serves as a warning to MDAs not to break any more resolutions that the NASS enacted in cooperation with Green Mount Consulting Ltd.

The GMCL's managing partner, Alhaji Mohammed Aminu, made this claim in a statement that was provided to reporters on Sunday in Abuja.

The workshop is planned for November 7 and 8 and will focus on the following topic: "The imperatives of legislative compliance in enhancing good governance and deepening democracy."

The non-compliance of MDAs with resolutions approved by the Nigerian Senate and House of Representatives, he noted, has been an increasing source of concern in recent times.

He said that in order to resolve the problems, MDAs will have a productive conversation in order to identify workable solutions that would guarantee that legislative choices and government actions were in sync.

According to him, the workshop would provide a forum for in-depth conversations, the exchange of expertise, and the development of workable plans to encourage legal compliance.

The President of the Senate, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, and the Director-General of the Securities and Exchange Commission, among other notable visitors, would be present, according to Aminu.

He announced that a wide range of subjects would be covered at the workshop, such as case studies showcasing effective compliance activities, the legal framework guiding legislative compliance, and the roles and responsibilities of various government bodies.

He claims that participants would obtain a deeper grasp of the significance of legislative compliance in bolstering democracy and good governance in Nigeria through panel discussions, expert presentations, and interactive activities.

According to him, the workshop was anticipated to mark a sea change in how Nigeria's legislation compliance problems were handled.

"It is impossible to emphasize how important it is to comply with the law; it is essential to the democratic process and the realization of good governance."

He claimed that in the end, the Nigerian people would gain from this since it would help create a more open and accountable administration.

He went on to say that the training's results will empower heads of MDAs to work toward a Nigeria where adherence to the law would be crucial in determining the course of the country.

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