Imo Governor: Lack of electoral materials and voter apathy jeopardize poll

Imo Governor: Lack of electoral materials and voter apathy jeopardize pollThe Imo gubernatorial election on Saturday began shakily in some areas of the state due to poor voter participation and the absence of election personnel and materials at some of the polling places (PUs) visited.

In certain poll-coverage units, voters and security guards were observed waiting for INEC representatives and materials at 8:30 a.m., according to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) monitoring the election.

While election officials and supplies were being awaited, a few voters and security guards were present at PU 001 Ekeama Primary School, Awaka I, close to Owerri.

Mrs. Hilda Nnadi, a voter, expressed her confidence that the items will be delivered to the unit shortly.

"I think the materials we need to cast our votes will arrive soon. I'll wait patiently, Nnadi remarked.

At PU 002 Ekeama Primary School, Awaka II, and PU 003 Community Primary School, Amapu Awaka, the same circumstances persisted.

Mr. Fidelis Nwokedi, a voter, also voiced trust in the procedure.

"I think INEC has what it takes to make this off-cycle election effective.

"I hope they get here soon," he remarked.

At PU 004 Community Primary School, Amapu Awaka II, and PU 016 Emeohe Village Hall, the circumstances were significantly different due to poor voter participation, lack of materials and INEC officials, and absence of security staff.

Miss Amaka Okpara, a voter who was clearly disappointed, stated: "There is no security, not even one police officer, and only a very small number of us are here."

"If they don't come, I will soon leave and return to my house."

Some voters and security personnel were observed waiting for INEC officials and materials at PU 007 Community Primary School, Ihita-Ogada II; PU 008 Ihita-Ogada Village Square; and PU 011 Health Centre, Ubah Emii I.

The identical circumstances were also noted at PU 013 Eziala Village Square, where a large number of voters were spotted waiting for INEC officials and materials with security forces.

As of 8:45 a.m., INEC personnel and supplies had not yet arrived at Sen. Samuel Anyanwu's polling place, P 012, Central School, Amaimo, in Ikeduru LGA, the PDP candidate.

Additionally, there was no security staff at the PU, but voters could be seen waiting to cast their ballots.

Mr. Ibe Chika, a voter, claimed he arrived at the voting place as early as 8:00 a.m. but expressed disappointment that there was no INEC representative present.


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