Kogi Election Malpractice: INEC halts nine RA elections

Kogi Election Malpractice: INEC halts nine RA elections
Because of instances of electoral fraud, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has suspended voting in nine Kogi Registration Areas (RAs).

In a statement released on Saturday, Malam Mohammed Haruna, National Commissioner and Member of the Information and Voter Education Committee, on behalf of the commission, verified this.

According to Haruna, INEC personnel in Kogi have been reporting instances of electoral malpractice, specifically the completion of result sheets prior to voting.

According to reports, the occurrences took place in the local government areas of Adavi, Ajaokuta, Ogori/Magongo, Okehi, and Okene. Ogori/Magongo was the scene of the most serious occurrences, involving nine out of ten Registration Areas.

This is just not acceptable at all. Any outcome that does not come from the Polling Unit process conducted by the Commission will not be accepted.

The Commission is adamant about not rewarding inappropriate behavior. As a result, the nine Wards in Ogori/Magongo LGA (Eni, Okibo, Okesi, Ileteju, Aiyeromi, Ugugu, Obinoyin, Obatgben, and Oturu) where elections are being held are currently suspended, he stated.

According to Haruna, the incidents in the other local government regions were being looked into in great detail, and the results, together with a plan of action, will be revealed within the next day.

As the procedures go on, we keep an eye on the personnel and material audit trail to identify anyone who might have been involved in compromising the process.

"We have a record of every official assigned to a polling location, including supervisors, monitors, technical workers, and officials at different levels, together with all the election materials that were sent to them. Where necessary, appropriate consequences will be implemented, he stated.

Voters in Kogi were reassured by Haruna that their preferences would be honored and their votes would be preserved.

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