Minister of Defense: Modern combat is well-suited for our armed forces.

Minister of Defense: Modern combat is well-suited for our armed forces.
The Nigerian military, according to Dr. Bello Matawalle, Minister of State for Defense, is well-prepared for technologically advanced modern combat.

In an interview conducted in Abuja with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Matawalle made this claim.

"You must see the attack helicopters that we have acquired. I recently got back from a trip to Turkey."

"It's really unique that some of them are in Lagos right now. And as I mentioned earlier, this isn't exclusive to the Army. Both the Air Force and the Navy have their own.

"So, the president has made a lot of efforts since this government took office by providing us with what we need to work.

Therefore, since he has already provided for all of our needs, we have no excuse to be upset or to fail the people of Nigeria.

We are adept at using contemporary technology. We are prepared to take on the difficulties that lie ahead. This government should make Nigerians extremely proud.

"We are excited to work for the country. We would like everyone to evaluate us gradually and return here to express gratitude to the President, the Ministry of Defense, and our armed forces for a job well done," he stated.

In addition, he stated that Nigeria had excellent training facilities to guarantee that people handling equipment were adequately trained, and that Nigerian military were ready for today's difficulties.

He disclosed that prior to the equipment being brought, a few soldiers had received instruction on how to handle it both domestically and abroad.

"Our existing institutions are competent. For instance, you will see a lot of people, including Germans, if you go to the Defence College.

"They send their army here to attend our Defense College for training."

Numerous other nations, such as Japan and several European nations, follow suit.

He declared, "We have excellent training facilities that can instruct the armed forces both domestically and abroad."

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