Publicity Secretary: LP is not merging with any political parties.

Publicity Secretary: LP is not merging with any political parties.Nigerians have been advised by the Labour Party (LP) to ignore reports that the party is in the process of merging with another political party.

In a statement released on Thursday in Abuja, Mr. Obiora Ifoh, National Publicity Secretary of the Labour Party, disclosed this.

Ifoh claims that it is just a news story that has been sensationalized and manipulated by some media outlets in an attempt to discredit the Party.

"A news organization requested an answer about Alhaji Atiku Abubakar's suggestion that Nigeria's opposition political parties unite to oppose a one-party system.

In response, I stated that it was merely a suggestion and that every Nigerian need to be motivated to bring democracy to their country, since the one we currently have is a dictatorship.

"The supposed merger between LP and PDP was not mentioned anywhere in the response," he stated.

Ifoh stated that LP had just wrapped up the general election episode for 2023 and that a post-mortem was still pending.

He said that there had been no conversation on the party's future.

Nigerians "will be properly informed when we do," he declared.

Ifoh encouraged Nigerians to ignore this kind of news, along with a plethora of other lurid and dramatic tales claiming to be from the Labour Party.

According to him, the party has its own official forum to share information.


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