Residents of Ajegunle want the government to step in about flooding.

Residents of Ajegunle want the government to step in about flooding.
Residents of Ikorodu's Ajegunle neighborhood and the surrounding areas have bemoaned the severe flooding that has occurred in some areas as a result of days of intense rain. As a result, they are pleading with the government to assist them during their difficult time.

They claim that the local river overflows and floods the surrounding neighborhoods everytime it rains, leaving residents without a place to live for several weeks. This has become a frequent occurrence.

Ayomide Oguneye, a Community Avenue resident, expressed his worry about the flooding and said it has become a yearly event every time it rains.

"We have to put our legs in this water every day, which is dangerous," he said, referring to the Bako River's overflowing that leave everything waterlogged.

Dean Ibitoye, a different Zion Street resident, voiced his disappointment about the floods. "I'm a tailor, but the flood prevents me from going to my shop," he remarked. I've had so many calls from consumers that I don't even know what to say to them.

Mrs. Ifeoluwa James says they have no hope left because of the flood. "We were all forced to relocate, there is water in our homes, and we were left homeless," the woman uttered. We have been wailing to the government about the damage to our properties for a long time since it is so unjust.

Davies Barnabas, a Zion Street resident, also voiced concerns about the annual floods. "We are scared of this yearly occurrence," he continued. My house was spared from the flood, but we still had to use a ferry to get to dry land.

When contacted, Adekunle Adesina, Director of Public Affairs at the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, stated that the recent release of water from the Oyan Dam reservoir was the cause of the disaster in Ajegunle. He gave the locals hope that the water would subside.

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