Tiv, Communal Conflict in the Cross River, Army arrests youngsters in the Cross River for suspected soldier killing

Tiv, Communal Conflict in the Cross River, Army arrests youngsters in the Cross River for suspected soldier killing
In connection with the reported death of a soldier during a communal altercation with Tiv settlers last week, the Army has detained a number of young people in the Yache-Ijiegu village within the Yala Local Government Area (LGA) of Cross River.

Recall that Yache-Ijiegu and the settlers from nearby Benue state were at war with each other because Yache-Ijiegu was not receiving her land royalties.

Twenty people were said to have died in the most recent attack on both sides, and several homes were set on fire.

In effort to restore order to the Yache-Ijiegu village, the Commanders of the Peacekeeping Taskforce have detained several young leaders in connection with the reported shooting of a soldier during a gathering between them and Tiv settlers last weekend.

According to sources, soldiers attacked the neighborhood and arrested a number of young people, including hospitalized patients suffering from gunshot wounds, for questioning.

The sources claim that the soldiers were incensed at their colleague's passing.

It was learned that the Tivs people declined to attend a peace conference that the enraged troops had asked both sides to on Wednesday.

According to the insider, "The soldiers were not happy about the Tivs saying they were not coming to the meeting and our people that went back."

However, soldiers from the Benue side came to our village and questioned residents. They made several of our youth leaders show them the hospital where our boys receiving treatment for bullet wounds from the battle last weekend.

"One of our boys who was injured by gunshots was also taken away from the hospital."

Reliable reports claim that the troops asked that they use all of the youths who went to the Bush to assault the Tivs, which led to the soldier in question accidentally dying.

Sen. Stephen Odey, a Yache-Ijiegu native and commissioner for the state, intervened and begged the commander in charge of the Ogoja barracks for a peaceful solution to prevent any attacks on the populace by enraged soldiers.

The community is afraid despite the intervention since there are rumors that the Tiv settlers are getting ready for another attack.

"I don't know what you are talking about," stated Lt. Hassan, the person in charge of the arrest, during a phone conversation. I'm grateful.

However, Lt. Alex corroborated the killing in a previous interview with a Commandant stationed on the Yache-Ijiegu side.

"We were sent here to keep the peace, but the people keep launching attacks and inciting conflict, to the point where our soldier was killed," he added.

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