Transport Minister praises the inaugural freight train operation between Lagos and Ibadan on Thursday.

Transport Minister praises the inaugural freight train operation between Lagos and Ibadan on Thursday.
Sen. Said Alkali, the minister of transportation, believes that the first freight train service between Lagos and Ibadan on Thursday is a critical turning point in the nation's railway initiatives.

In a statement released on Sunday in Abuja, he added that it further demonstrated the government's commitment to building a reliable transportation system to serve Nigeria's expanding populace.

On Thursday, the first freight train left Lagos' Apapa Port and made its way to Ibadan, carrying thirty forty-foot containers.

According to Alkali, the Ministry of Transportation and its partners' careful preparation, unwavering efforts, and careful execution were all key factors in the container freight train's smooth operation.

He continued by saying that it demonstrated the ministry's unshakable dedication to implementing President Bola Tinubu's administration's eight-point program, which gave top priority to the creation of a cutting-edge and effective transportation system.

The minister of transportation stated that there was great potential to completely transform the flow of people and products through the Lagos-Ibadan railway project, which is an essential part of Nigeria's transportation network.

He added that the rail project's completion represented a significant step toward improving connectivity, increasing trade, and promoting economic growth.

Alkali was pleased with the container freight train's successful debut on Thursday and hailed it as a noteworthy accomplishment for the country.

"It is anticipated that the Lagos-Ibadan railway will be crucial in easing traffic congestion, cutting down on travel time, and enabling smooth cargo transportation throughout the nation as it continues to grow in size.

"The railway project's promising future is indicated by the successful launch of the container freight train service, further enhancing its status as the essential foundation of Nigeria's transportation infrastructure," Alkali emphasized.

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