VC refutes salary debt and demands a decrease in fees for faith-based entities.

VC refutes salary debt and demands a decrease in fees for faith-based entities.
Wesley University Ondo's vice chancellor, professor Samuel Sunday Obeka, has urged religiously affiliated colleges to think about lowering their tuition in light of the nation's current financial circumstances.

Additionally, he denied claims that the university owed the salary of its part-time instructors, characterizing them as both petty and unfounded.

The establishment is the first religiously affiliated institution in Nigeria to declare

the 50% tuition price cut as a part of its initiatives to support national growth.

Speaking during a press conference for the university's eleventh convocation

At the 'Faith of our Fathers' ceremony/bishop's reception and revival in Ondo State, the Methodist Church Bishop urged other faith-based institutions across the nation to lower their tuition rates in an effort to aid the underprivileged.

Obeka stated: "We don't need to make things harder for the people of Nigeria; they already face many economic issues. Because we are a faith-based university and we want to set an example for others, we have lowered the costs of some of our academic programs by 50%. This is also being done in order to meet the institution's founding pledge to provide all Nigerians with chances for academic and professional advancement, hence promoting national development.

Wesley University believes that during these tough times, it is appropriate to lower tuition while even federal universities are raising theirs.

"We have implemented a 50% tuition fee reduction for a variety of academic programs. We have lowered all program costs in the college of natural and applied sciences, including mathematics, geology and mining, by 50% at the school of postgraduate studies. Also, there is a 50% waiver available for all agricultural programs.

This is to uplift our pupils, particularly during these trying times. Considering the difficulty that has resulted from the elimination of oil subsidies, which we are all aware of.

In response to the claim that part-time lecturers are owed emoluments, the vice chancellor stated that it is important for the public to understand that Wesley University no longer supports part-time lecturing.

"We used to have part-time lecturers who were engaged on a semester basis," he stated. Later, management became uncomfortable with the arrangement due to some of the part-time instructors' reduced commitment, and they were forced to be dismissed. Therefore, we now have visiting lecturers in accordance with the National Universities Commission's (NUC) directive. The fact that some of the part-time instructors are extorting money from the university is regrettable.

"I'm not saying there were never difficulties at the institution, but those days are quickly approaching. Under my direction, there have been many advancements, and I am grateful to God, the authorities of Methodist Church Nigeria, the university's proprietor, and our associates for their financial assistance. The university used to exclusively focus on technology, but it is now a fully fledged conventional university with over 50 undergraduate degrees and a few postgraduate courses to offer.

Obeka gave her word that the university is ready for its eleventh convocation ceremonies and that it is overcoming all obstacles.

The founder of the Dunamis International Gospel Center and university chancellor, senior pastor Dr. Paul Enenche, will be the guest speaker during the 11th convocation event. He is arriving to serve as the focal point of a three-day revival campaign. The closing ceremony is scheduled to include an alumni lecture and endowment, during which we will honor Nigerians who have distinguished themselves and made significant contributions to the advancement of both the nation and humanity, as well as celebrate our graduates.

The current administration has started to create new classrooms and laboratories as well as renovate existing ones. We pledge to the people that we will take the necessary steps to make our country a place where God's name is exalted. We will keep taking a rigorous approach to addressing some of the university's problems since Methodist Church, the school's owner, is renowned for following procedures and being methodical in problem-solving," he said.

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