Ministers, Tinubu tells them, "Be ready to perform or you leave us."

Ministers, Tinubu tells them, "Be ready to perform or you leave us."
On Wednesday in Abuja, President Bola Tinubu advised cabinet members to diligently work toward fulfilling their ministries' mandates or prepare to resign from office.

In his speech at the 2023 Cabinet Retreat for Ministers, Presidential Aides, Permanent Secretaries, and High-Level Government Employees, Tinubu made this claim.

"Delivering on the Renewed Hope Agenda" is the topic of the three-day retreat, according to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

The president emphasized to the ministers that they had an obligation to serve the people who had given him their mandate.

Tinubu reaffirmed that his government is committed to lifting 50 million Nigerians out of poverty, stating that the situation is "merely unacceptable" rather than disgraceful.

The president declared, "And we have to banish it because it is unacceptable."

In addition, he urged the ministers to concentrate on the advancement of their ministries and devise audacious plans, emphasizing that his administration was committed to utilizing the country's population as a resource.

We created Results Delivery Units for this reason. You will sign a Bond of Understanding between the Permanent Secretaries, me, and the ministers at the conclusion of this retreat.

You have nothing to worry if you are performing. We examine if you failed to meet the goal; if not, you depart. The bunk stops on my desk, and nobody is an inland.

You will have a free hand, I promise. How could you not be intellectually curious? How come? By when? and why it has to happen right now.

I have appointed Hadiza Usman, a young, vibrant woman, as the head of that delivery section. See me if you have any complaints regarding her. Stay there if you're prepared to collaborate with her. Sure, delivery! For the benefit of the millions of people, we have to succeed.

He declared that Nigeria was the most cognitively advanced nation in Africa and that the nation was endowed with outstanding talent from all over the world.

Indeed, the Sahel has difficulties due to climate change. Nigeria's north and south are severely damaged; we've all seen it.

Although the desert is encroaching in your northern region, we are still endowed with fertile soil. We are capable of building our nation.

It is about making real decisions and focusing evaluation, not about theorists. Indeed, this is our nation; there is none other.

Let's be glad that we are Nigerians, that we are capable, and that you possess leadership qualities. We can work to ensure that democracy serves as a model for the rest of Africa.

The President cautioned ministers and other government workers from becoming adversarial to their supervisor even as he urged them to make choices without fear.

Discuss it if they are mistaken. As the President, I can make mistakes, as I have stated on multiple occasions and will reiterate today as I stand before you.

Point it out to me, and I'll take care of the disagreement, the mistake, and the fact that only Almighty God is perfect. You're there to support me, though. I have to succeed by all means necessary.

We possess all we need, including brilliant minds and intellect. while we were talking about this retreat. I remarked that we need inspiration and goodwill from people other than diplomatic corps members.

"Don't ask anyone from abroad to lecture me on governance." I believe in Nigeria because I have experienced it.

"That bold endeavor is only achieve through courage, determination, and focused leadership," I said when I took my oath of office.

"And we still have other challenges," Tinubu stated, referring to the hard reform process the nation was going through.

"Refrain from impeding Nigeria's progress." Now let's look ahead. Let's resolve that corruption will end and advancement will be made.

Greater living pay for our employees. To create jobs for millions of our people, we will restructure the economy. 50 million people need to be lifted out of poverty.

"We need to build universally accessible healthcare. Look about you; don't commit evil. Take a look at the educational standards. Examine the classrooms and the roads.

We are limited to using the funds. Although we can't use all the individuals, we will locate it. "Borrowing is not illegal," stated Tinubu.

In order to create a strong team for the sake of the nation, the president further asked the civil servants to work with the ministries.

"No one succeeds by themselves, as I've said before. The minister will come and go, and you, the civil servant, will be present. Therefore, you must avoid seeing the minister.

"For the sake of this nation, you have to assemble a constructive team. Sure, I acknowledge and accept that my predecessor's assets and liabilities are a part of my professional experience.

"However, because you are on this ship, you will use it well and not damage it. You come from a wonderful family; don't consider the minister to be self-serving.

"You see, we need to move the ship forward with him or her as a partner. traveling through clear skies and turbulence.

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