Why Edo is providing all first-class graduates with automatic job - Obaseki

Why Edo is providing all first-class graduates with automatic job - Obaseki
The governor of Edo, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has revealed the rationale for his administration's choice to provide all first-class graduates in the state with automatic employment.

On Monday, Obaseki announced that the Edo government has made the decision to provide all first-class graduates from Nigerian colleges with automatic employment opportunities.

He addressed this at the Government House in Benin City, the capital of Edo, when he met with 21 first-class graduates who had recently started work in the state's civil/public service.

The governor of Edo then stated that his administration made the decision to take this action in order to create the ideal labor force to propel the state's expansion and advancement.

During his speech, Obaseki went on to say that the intention was to intentionally recruit bright minds into Edo's civil and public service in order to support the development of the state and Nigeria as a whole.

He declared, "Your decision to enlist is purposeful as it is a well-thought-out plan and procedure to help us build our State and make it great again."

"The most intelligent and talented individuals, like you, who dropped out of school to work for the government, are the ones that build great nations and contribute to the transformation of such communities.

"There will be a change in Edo, and individuals like you will bear responsibility." You are entering the service at a fascinating and momentous period when the default restructuring of our nation is taking place.

"A renegotiation will ensue as a result of the central government's diminishing strength due to its inability to assume the responsibilities outlined in the constitution.

"While the system is unsustainable, I do not envision Nigeria collapsing." To address the issue and steer the country onto a course that is consistent with global development, we must extend an invitation to the youth to take charge of the situation.

"As a State, we have chosen a route toward development. We have implemented paperless governance, established fiber optic internet access for all local governments, and constructed infrastructure.

"We're going to take over the world with youthful minds like yours. You are in a new world, young minds, and leaving Nigeria won't solve the issue. Instead, individuals like you can address the causes of people's flight.

Obaseki informed the twenty-one first-class graduates he hosted on Monday that all they had to do was create the opportunity, get ready for leadership, or surround themselves with leaders who would assist them overcome these obstacles.

The governor went on to say that if we can make this country function, there is no need to go for better opportunities abroad and that a new system and direction must be implemented.

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