Women assigned to visionary mindset and teamwork

Women assigned to visionary mindset and teamwork
It has been demanded of women that they embrace the advantages of working together and adopt a visionary attitude in managing their enterprises.

This took place in Lagos, Nigeria, during the Women High Achievers Trybe (WHAT) Conference 2023, with the topic Elevating Women Entrepreneurs: Strategic for Success.

Convener Kiki Okewale refuted the idea that women don't help one another, emphasizing that when they work together, they may achieve enormous success.

She urged all women to have high aspirations, as they are worthy and capable of achieving their goals.

"Work hard; don't just dream. Make a vision board and consider how you might get from where you are to where you want to be, the speaker advised.

Ibukun Awosika, a renowned businesswoman, stated that in order to be a successful female entrepreneur, one must make sure that their resources, talents, interests, and passions align with the market they wish to operate in.

She identified three crucial aspects that impact an individual's likelihood of success in their venture: the ideation process, planning, and execution stage.

She emphasized during ideation that not every choice would be appropriate for the entrepreneur, so she advised the women to take their time in trying to select the greatest solution.

To reach a decision, evaluate each of your possibilities using the SWOT analysis. Remain optimistic about your abilities and don't consider your weaknesses a drawback because they provide you a comprehensive understanding of the problems.

"Chances are favorable, but you should be aware that not all opportunities may be realized in every time zone. Decide whether an opportunity is for the present, the future, or something that will require more resources and expertise to seize, she advised.

Awosika also gave entrepreneurs the assignment to hire the best human resources for each stage of their company and to be flexible.

Toun Okewale Sonaiya, Chief Executive Officer of Women Radio, advised women to use media to help their businesses, work together, and encourage one another in addition to identifying their markets, customers, and appropriate media to advance their company narrative.

She went on to say that even in these more difficult times, women should figure out smart strategies for surviving and thriving.

Adeola Kingsley-James, a clinical hypnotherapist, told women that she believed a visionary attitude could transform the world and that they should identify the things that were impeding their vision.

She mentioned a number of things, including fear, anxiety, constant vigilance, encounters that have been catastrophic, comparison shopping, and a constant awareness of one's own limitations.

She gave women the assignment to choose their communities carefully and to be flexible with their ambitions.

Atinuke Babatunde, the founder of Brandfusion, stated that branding is about making yourself appear to be the only person who can solve their problem. He also noted that branding should tell a story rather than just be a logo, company name, or color.

She asserts that picking a business name requires careful consideration because it has the power to create or break the enterprise. Ideally, your brand name shouldn't be more than two short words. Color is next. The appropriate color selection is crucial since it affects how customers perceive you. A logo is a safe choice because it promotes brand awareness.

"Don't offend people when selecting a brand name; it should be short and easy to remember," she continued.

Being oneself on social media is the simplest way to market, according to social media guru Folake Kehinde. She outlined the four main steps to earning money on social media: honing your speaking, writing, photography, and podcasting abilities.

Improve your writing abilities. You must talk if you are unable to write. Learn how to capture pictures if you are mute. Do a podcast if not.

She counseled the women to embrace running sponsored posts and provide or pay sites to broadcast their content, stressing the significance of investing money in the media.

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