On Christmas, Governor Eno preaches love, peace, and harmony.

On Christmas, Governor Eno preaches love, peace, and harmony.
Akwa Ibom Governor Umo Eno has asked Nigerians to spend Christmas in love, peace, and unity with one another, and to avoid any tendencies that could cause division among the populace.

Eno made this statement Monday in Uyo during his Christmas message for 2023 to the Akwa Ibom people.

As Jesus Christ taught in His Holy Book, he added, the Christmas season is a time for love and gift-giving that should unite people.

"This is a happy and charitable season. I urge our people to resist movements that aim to drive us apart and to keep living in harmony and peace.

Politics has long since vanished, as I have been saying. Now is the moment for government.

"The cards of hatred, of whipping nonexistent schisms and of demonizing our leaders and symbols of authority, should be buried and thrown into the trash can," Eno declared.

Eno asked everyone in the area, especially the Akwa Ibom people, to celebrate the holiday with kindness and to keep in mind those who are marginalized in society.

In his speech, the governor gave the populace the assurance that his administration will keep working to raise citizen welfare.

He noted that the administration had given all state employees their 13th month's salary as part of efforts to make workers happy during this time.

We shall never stop flowing with the tides of peace and love, so as you enjoy this day, don't forget to help those who have encountered hardships.

"Help them get up and let's work together to extend the boundaries of the Golden Era of our collective growth, development, and advancement. Don't just give them handouts.

"Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who has written us such kind and heartfelt messages.

"For giving our employees a Christmas cheer by paying an extra month's wage, which makes it the thirteenth month and which you have adorably named "Eno-Mber."

"We'll keep putting our employees first and making sure that the conditions are right for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), which are the backbone of any economy's growth," he declared.

He urged the populace to persevere as he will keep his campaign pledges, thanking them for their support of his administration since it took office seven months ago.

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