Resuming their efforts to lower mother and infant mortality, Lagos, SOGON

Resuming their efforts to lower mother and infant mortality, Lagos, SOGONEncourage group efforts to improve maternal health

The Ministry of Health received a courtesy visit from representatives of the Lagos sector of the Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics Nigeria (SOGON), marking a noteworthy advancement in the fight against maternal and infant mortality in Lagos State.

They were cordially welcomed by Governor's Special Adviser on Health Dr. Kemi Ogunyemi, Health Commissioner Professor Akin Abayomi, and SOGON Lagos Sector Chairman Prof. Abidoye Gbadegesin. Leading the group were former National President Prof. Rotimi Akinola, Chief Medical Director of Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) and an elder of the Society, Prof. Adetokunbo Fabamwo.

According to a release, important partnerships and collaboration measures to decrease maternal mortality and promote maternal and child health were discussed on Saturday during talks.

The Chair of SOGON Lagos Sector, Prof. Gbadegesin, emphasized the pressing need to address maternal mortality and improve women's health in Lagos, Nigeria. He emphasized the value of stakeholder engagement by highlighting SOGON's previous projects, such as emergency obstetrics training and Maternal and Perinatal Death Surveillance and Review (MPDSR).

Acknowledging the complexity of improving reproductive health, Prof. Gbadegesin emphasized the need for all sectors to work together to address issues related to maternal health. In order to strengthen initiatives meant to lower rates of maternal mortality, he argued for legislative backing.

Prof. Rotimi Akinola, a former president of SOGON, stressed the importance of rekindling the partnership between SOGON and the Lagos State Government with a focus on maternal mortality. He outlined previous partnerships that resulted in the creation of the MPDSR desk, which aims to pinpoint locations with a high rate of maternal deaths and carry out advocacy work in such areas.

Prof. Akinola emphasized the necessity for safe termination guidelines and SOGON's active participation in policy creation linked to maternal health, voicing worries about the impact of unsafe abortions on mother health.

In response, Health Commissioner Prof. Abayomi highlighted cooperative methods to enhance mother and child health and expressed gratitude for rekindling the cooperation. In an effort to empower healthcare professionals, he called for accurate data classification and an effective referral system that links traditional birth attendants to primary healthcare centers and higher levels of treatment. He also requested SOGON's assistance in this regard.

Regarding the delicate subject of safe abortion standards, the Commissioner suggested doing a comprehensive analysis and consulting with relevant parties to ascertain the optimal course of action.

Dr. Kemi Ogunyemi, Special Advisor to the Governor on Health, emphasized the need for government and professional organization cooperation in addressing maternal mortality. She emphasized the significance of keeping and assisting medical professionals.

In addition to applauding SOGON's efforts to enhance maternal health, CMD LASUTH suggested reviving the quarterly MPDSR meetings.

This new initiative comes at a critical juncture in the fight against maternal mortality, highlighting the necessity of SOGON and governmental agencies working together to protect mothers' and children's health in Lagos State.

Dr. Femi Omololu, the medical director of Lagos Island Maternity Hospital, Dr. Yusuf Oshodi, the vice chairman of SOGON Lagos Sector, Dr. Akinde Joseph, the immediate past chairman of SOGON Lagos, and Dr. Modupe Adedeji, the society's secretary, were also present at the meeting.


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