Yuletide: NLC wants to unite to face the difficulties facing the country

Yuletide: NLC wants to unite to face the difficulties facing the country
The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has urged the populace to love who they are as workers and as a people, emphasizing that they can only forge the necessary strength for a better country by living in unison.

Additionally, Nigerians have been cautioned by the Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev. (Dr.) Alfred Adewale Martins, to maintain optimism and keep making their fair share of contributions to guarantee that their nation overcomes its present difficulties and rises to prominence once more. Most Revd. Gabriel Leke Abegunri, the Catholic Archbishop of Ibadan, has also exhorted Christians to emulate the Lord Jesus Christ in both their words and deeds.

In a statement released by the NLC yesterday, Joe Ajaero, the organization's president, said that the people find the will to overcome adversity and create a better future for themselves and future generations during times of togetherness.

In a speech titled "At Christmas: May Our Hope be in Christ," Ajaero stated that although the year has been difficult and uncertain, workers can find comfort and strength in the enduring ideals of love, hope, and Jesus' teachings.

He emphasized that it is challenging to create the kind of nation that the majority desires if they continue to consider themselves as different in any manner. He said that nations are established when the people choose to stand together and work in unity and love.

We need to learn this season that we are all one! Because of this, let's unite in the spirit of Christmas as a country, putting aside our differences, to share love and goodwill.

He claimed that this is what has made it possible for disloyal groups to seize control of our political system and consistently undermine the aspirations and interests of our people and our country.

Ajaero asked Nigerian laborers to make a firm commitment to creating a new nation by patching up any gaps that have allowed the people's enemies to use them unfairly and keep the country mired in a never-ending state of underdevelopment.

He advised the country's authorities to focus on initiatives that give hope rather than depressing and eviscerating policies, and to make people smile.

In his Christmas message for 2023, which was signed by Rev. Fr. Anthony Godonu, Director of Social Communications, Archbishop Martins reaffirmed that God loves Nigeria and Nigerians in particular, therefore they should never be frightened to work toward realizing their ideal nation.

He complimented them on their fortitude and capacity to rise above the many setbacks they had experienced over the years, and he added that the current issues the nation is suffering will also pass and become history.

Martins urged Nigerians to never lose sight of God's redemptive love, which is demonstrated by His son Jesus Christ's birth at Christmas in order to free humanity from sin and grant them eternal life. He claimed that everyone who is a child of God, regardless of their faith, tribe, or creed, is always eligible for this favor.

"I give thanks to God and congratulate Nigerians for the grace and privilege of being alive to witness yet another Christmas, a period that reminds us all of God's uncommon love for humanity," the speaker stated during the Christmas season. More than two millennia ago, he showed us how much he loved us by sending his only Son, Jesus Christ, to earth from heaven to be born of a virgin, freeing us from the chains of sin and guiding us toward a life of plenty. God's selfless love for us serves as the ideal model for how we should treat one another. We shall be able to coexist in peace and harmony like real brothers and sisters when we love and care for one another as Jesus does.

Additionally, Archbishop Abegunri counseled Christian faithful in his Christmas speech yesterday to reflect deeply and never forget that many people go to bed hungry every day rather than celebrating in a frivolous or opulent manner.

"All you have to do is stroll down our streets and roads, and the truth of this will become evident," he stated. People with disabilities, areas without access to healthcare, people without readily available water systems, people without food, and people who have been abandoned because of illness, old age, or other circumstances are all things we encounter. We can respond to them with care and God's active mercy. Let us learn to love and forgive one another, live in harmony and love, prioritize God above all else, and treat others as we would like to be treated. Let us set a positive example for the younger generation by acting honorably, letting go of our hate, greed, and selfish desires, as well as our sloth and stealing from others.

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