Funsho Davies Owoyemi: origins in Okunland, residence in the metropolis of Lagos

Funsho Davies Owoyemi: origins in Okunland, residence in the metropolis of LagosHis prolonged stay away from his native Okunland in Kogi State might lead one to believe that he is a true Lagosian, owing to historical migrations from inland states like Kogi. Notable Okun-Yoruba figures like Sunday Bolorunduro Awoniyi and Kola Jamodu were drawn to Lagos, the former political and administrative capital of Nigeria.

The government's decision to move the capital to Abuja in 1991 did not diminish Lagos's allure. Funsho Davies Owoyemi, referred to as "FDO," recently celebrated his 70th birthday in Lagos and Odo-Eri, Kogi State. FDO, an accomplished accountant and community leader, played a key role in initiatives like the "Okun Agenda" and "Okun New Initiative," aiming for Okunland's development within Kogi State and Nigeria.

Despite his successful career and contributions to Okunland, FDO remains a humble philanthropist, supporting education and development projects. His commitment to community growth is evident in Odo-Eri's transformation, with improved infrastructure and increased educational opportunities.

FDO's 70th birthday celebration attracted dignitaries from various sectors, acknowledging his leadership, generosity, and positive impact. Senator Smart Adeyemi praised FDO's enterprising spirit, detribalized leadership, and commitment to socio-economic development.

In summary, Funsho D. Owoyemi, a distinguished figure in finance and community service, has left an indelible mark through his career, philanthropy, and leadership in initiatives for Okunland's progress. Born in 1954, he has been a beacon of hope and an inspiration to younger generations, embodying the principles of true leadership.


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