In honor of its 22nd anniversary, ROFWOL is providing free cervical cancer screenings.

In honor of its 22nd anniversary, ROFWOL is providing free cervical cancer screenings.The non-profit organization Rock Foundation for Widows, Orphans & Less Privileged (ROFWOL), which is dedicated to empowering impoverished children and widows, has unveiled plans to address cervical cancer and other related illnesses that impoverished Nigerians, especially widows and children, face.

This was revealed by the foundation's creator, Mrs. Favour Chika-Okafor, in a statement outlining preparations to celebrate her 12-year registration as a registered trust foundation and her 22nd anniversary of humanitarian services.

Like other Foundation programs, she said, the cervical cancer program and screenings would be provided at no cost.

"When there is a will and commitment, there will always be a way, especially since the project is meant to affect humanity positively and better the lives of the underprivileged; and, more importantly, the project enjoys divine support, through well-meaning Nigerians," she said, acknowledging that the program would take a significant financial hit. However, she added, the cost would not stop the Foundation.

"It is a non-profit event to commemorate 22 years of positively influencing lives. Along with raising awareness of cervical cancer and its prevention and treatment, ROFWOL will provide free PAP smear screenings to underprivileged widows, low-income women, and girls who have been sexually exposed.

"Raising the fund is secondary," she stated when asked how to raise the necessary funds. What matters most is that we have a strong desire to succeed and are motivated by passion and devotion. 

Other requirements, such as financial support from our partners, will naturally emerge from these fundamental characteristics.

"We anticipate that businesses and individuals will share our commitment to ending or significantly reducing the fatal effects of cervical cancer. 

They will definitely help us. On Sunday, December 10th, in Lagos, we will be gathering a few of them to inform them about ROFWOL's Cervical Cancer Campaign and to enlist their assistance.

"At ROFWOL, we are prepared and eager to give the project our all to see it through to completion; nevertheless, the necessary funding is substantial. For this reason, we are extending our invitation to all Nigerians, including individuals and corporations, to join us in this admirable fight against cervical cancer. 

We believe that every donation, no matter how tiny, has the potential to have the desired, significant impact. She noted that the Foundation has made a variety of contributions to humanity, such as providing scholarships to deserving students.

Favor, as she prefers to be called, is a native of Nnobi in Nigeria's Anambra State. She graduated from the United States of America with a B.Eng. & MEng. in Chemical Engineering and an MSc. in BioMedical Engineering.

She has worked in manufacturing and company management for more than eighteen years. She was a board member of the Nigeria American Chamber of Commerce, among other businesses. She left the Chicason Group as Group Executive Director to manage her nonprofit foundation.

She is a member of numerous business organizations, including the Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers (NSChE), the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES), and the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), to name a few.

She has written thirteen books. According to her, a man ceases to exist the day he gives up on his dreams, and in order to stay relevant in society, learning should never end. In 2023, she graduated from the University of Texas at Austin's Nonprofit Management Program.


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